Remembering Scott Lago

Although he'll be missed much to early, Scott Lago's influence on the ones he loved and those he spent valuable time with will last forever.

“I’ve coached hundreds of kids, there’s only been a few who've taught me something, and Scott was one those young men.” said Mike Sawyer , Scott’s Bantam and Midget coach, while remembering a turbulent hockey season. “Through it all, Scotty always smiled and gave his best, he had a way of pulling people together. I’ll always remember the lesson he taught me.”

As a hockey and lacrosse player, or even a referee, his personality shone through “He had a quiet and reserved manner, but Scott was always able to handle himself on the floor, even under intimidating circumstances.” recalls Laurie Wortley as Referee Allocator and Team Manager with Mission Minor Lacrosse. “He was a focused and determined individual who would never compromise his principles. I’m grateful to him for bringing his family into our lacrosse community and allowing us all to share some very special memories over the years.”

Scott's parents, Jennifer and Mike, and their values made him a pleasure to be around; "hard working, committed, and focused on finishing what he started." said  Scott Wortley , current General Manager for the Coquitlam Adanacs, who was Scott's coach from Tyke through Midget. He also extends to the Lago's, "I hope you can find some peace knowing how great a kid and person he was away from home and in his own personal environment.” Laurie Wortley saw the best of both Jennifer and Mike in their son Scott “Even though Scotty was quiet and shy most of the time" traits from his father Mike, "He was also kind, genuine, and always ready to lend a hand, or spearhead an activity," reflections of his mother Jennifer.

Another long time lacrosse coach, Jeff Macaulay , remembers Scott's demeanour fondly “Quiet, attentive, and hardworking. But then the beast would come out. He had the will to succeed and of course to win. You could say he was a quiet leader.” Those same thoughts were echoed as people close to Scott remembered his warmth and passion. “[...] shy, yet confident in his abilities. I have never met a more determined young man in my life than Scotty“ said Scott Wortley ,   "That was Scotty the ultimate teammate; hard working, accountable, and he play for his teammates. He set the standard and was instrumental in the success our lacrosse teams had in Mission.” 

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="394"]Scott_Lago "What do you say about a young man that you watched grow from a little pudgy mop haired boy?" - Damon Matkovich[/caption]


"From a young age Scotty knew who he was and was confident in himself beyond his years, with an ever present smile radiating, even when times where tough.”  Damon Matkovich  "I'm honoured to have watched him progressed year-by-year through his determination. He slowly turned from that pudgy kid into a lacrosse player, into a young man, and finally into a leader." Scott was undoubtedly a 'coach's dream'. “Scott was one of the easiest kids to coach, he always had that smile" said  Jeff Macaulay with a smile of his own; “Scotty wasn't the biggest player but he always seemed to be checking the other teams biggest player. I believe he loved the challenge.”

Scott was never concerned about success, but it always found him. He took-up hockey at a late age, and made the Rep Team... as a goalie. After minor lacrosse he traveled to Ridge Meadows to play Intermediate A. Determined, he then continued through to Junior A, playing for the Burnaby Lakers in the BCJALL, in his first year of Junior eligibility.  Scott Wortley  witnessed the focus first hand "He paved the trail for many Mission players. I think Scotty was the one kid from that group of Mission players that loved the game the most. I think lacrosse was always going to be the one constant he would make room for while balancing a busy work schedule work, family, and fiancé.”

For everyone's life that was touched by Scott, one sentiment held true, "Thank you" both to Scott and the Lago Family; for allowing us to be a part of your life and allowing your son to be a part of ours.” 

A Celebration of Life for Scott will be held Wednesday December 10, 2014 at 1:00PM at the Cedar Valley Mennonite Church 32860 Cherry Ave, Mission, BC.